Terms & Conditions

Motorcycle/Rider Requirements

  1. Must be currently registered and have a valid motorcycle license plate in place. Proof of registration will be required.
  2. Must be insured. Riders must carry insurance/proof of insurance as required by the laws of the state in which their motorcycle is registered.
  3. Motorcycle is in safe operating conditions.
  4. Rider holds a valid driver's license, with valid motorcycle endorsement.
  5. Rider must comply with state helmet use laws.

Click here to view the Rider Liability Waiver.

Cancellation Policy

Ride History will reimburse all funds, minus the hotel costs, in the event you cancel your reservation.  Tours will run regardless of inclement weather.

Ride History reserves the right to cancel tours that fail to meet the minimum booking in which case your funds will be returned.

Please contact us chris@ridehistory.com to cancel your tour