Our Staff

Christopher Black

I was 10 when mom and dad surprised me and my brother with an 80cc Yamaha that ran like a striped ape. 48 years later I still thank them every day for introducing me to the world of motorcycles. Mrs. Long, my 8th grade history teacher, developed my love for history. Through a school competition I earned a coveted Daughters of the American Revolution award for achievements in American History and I’ve been a student of history ever since.

My passion for riding, my love of history and my desire to share those passions prompted me to start Ride History. My goal is to provide an even mix of spirited scenic riding with an opportunity to learn about our history in a fun relaxed environment. We want our clients to leverage our knowledge of history throughout the ride and enjoy a hassle free trip by letting us take care of the logistics.

Sam Booth

It all began when I rode with a buddy to Gettysburg for the first time as an adult and discovered a new passion. Up to that point as a teacher in history, I had never taken any field trips, and I would get asked occasionally why. I hate two hour tours, I hated the idea of a teacher taking a class to a site and hiring a guide to teach the history when he should be doing it himself.

I dove in head first by serving in a civil war artillery reenactment group. I attended the School of The Piece and qualified as a gunner serving in all six positions on the piece, a 10lb Parrot rifle period artillery piece. This led to my studying for, and passing the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides exam.

I have ridden all across this country visiting its historic places, logging over 500,000 miles, and love arriving at rallies to see my ever growing list of extended family while adding to life's memories so I don’t feel I’ve wasted my limited time on this planet. Now I’d like to leverage my teaching, education, riding and life experiences with others as we Ride History!

James Matrisciano

5? Years old, an enigma wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in a paradox wrapped in a riddle. At the age of 8 James was given his first taste of motorcycling with a 1974 Honda Z-50 and it all went down hill from there. Thanks to his mothers love to piss off her ex-husband, Motorcycling, Dirt Biking, Trail Riding and Cross country cruising ensued over the next 40+ years.

His passion for music was equally rivaled. Picking up his first set of drum sticks in the 3rd grade James perused his passion for making as much noise as humanly possible beating on things just as heavily as his love for motorcycles. Symphonic, Jazz, Blues and Marching bands consumed his school time while motorcycling entertained his late afternoons and early evenings. James was playing professionally by his senior year of high school and has been honored to have shared the stage with artists Rodger Williams and Henry Mancini, being one of the youngest percussionists to join the city symphony.

James is still an active musician with a love for the history of music and just as active motorcycling now on both dirt and pavement as in his younger years. With a recent ride from Florida to Alaska and back over 30 days, James set out to ride in every state in the US, minus Hawaii “until they build a bridge long enough to get there”, and completed that momentous ride over a 2 year period.

James is a member of several motorcycle organizations to include recently qualifying for the “Iron Butt” association.

James currently rides a 2012 BMW K1600 GT and a 2004 KTM 400 EXC.