The Knox Trail Tour

Ft. Ticonderoga to Boston -- Sept 29th thru Oct 2nd

It was the winter of 1775 after clashes with the colonist at Lexington and Concord forced a tactical withdrawal back to Boston. General Washington knew that controlling the high ground around Boston would afford him a tactical advantage but he lacked the artillery needed to secure a victory.

300 miles away, at Fort Ticonderoga, the colonial army secured a victory which gave them access to 59 artillery pieces. In December of 1775 General Washington made the decision to dispatch a young book store owner, Henry Knox, to retrieve those cannons and bring them to Boston where he hoped to secure a victory and push the British out of Boston once and for all.

Ride with us as we enjoy the New England fall foliage and follow Henry Knox from Ft. Ticonderoga to Boston. Along the way we’ll make stops at the Saratoga Battlefield, enjoy a spirited ride through the Berkshires, visit the Springfield Armory, visit Minute Man Park and finally, stop at Dorchester Heights where the cannons were finally placed to secure a decisive victory over the British and liberate Boston.

This tour will provide

  • Lectures at all key stops
  • 3 breakfasts and 2 dinners
  • Lodging for three nights (peak season rates)
  • Access to your tour guides all along the way because we ride WITH you

Tour Itinerary

Thursday Sept 29th – Arrive at the hotel (exact hotel to be announced)

Friday Sept 30th – Start the day with breakfast

  • Tour Ft. Ticonderoga
  • Tour Saratoga Battlefield
  • Dinner
  • Return to the hotel

(approximately 320 miles for the day)

Saturday Oct 1st – Start the day with breakfast

  • Tour Stockbridge Cemetery
  • Tour Springfield Armor
  • Dinner
  • Arrive at the hotel (location TBA)

(approximately 135 miles for the day)

Sunday Oct 2nd – Start the day with breakfast

  • Tour Minute Man Park
  • Tour Dorchester Heights
  • Tour ends

(approximately 45 miles for the day)

1 Rider, 1 Bed - $1,280


2 Riders, 1 Bed - $1,750


2 Riders, 2 Beds - $1,750


2 Riders, 1 Bed - $1,750