April 25th to May 2nd – The Spring Rhythm Tour – Atlanta to New Orleans and back. It's a great snapshot of the history of American music

Sept 3rd to Sept 5th – The BMW Battlefield Memorial Workers Rally – a weekend to enjoy giving back a day of work to the National Park Service. Sam Booth will also provide a wealth of knowledge and insight into the historic battle.

June 4th to June 6th – The Oil Rush Tour – Spend some time in beautiful northwestern Pennsylvania looking at the early days of the petroleum industry and the men that shaped this industry.

June 24th to June 27th - BMW MOA Rally - Looking forward to the event in Great Falls, MT

Sept 30th to Oct 3rd – The Knox Trail Tour – a beautiful ride through western Massachusetts and upstate New York following Henry Knox as he retrieves and moves 59 canons to Boston during the winter of 1775.

Oct 30th to Nov 6th - The Fall Rhythm Tour

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