About Us

People often ask me why I started Ride History focused on seminar style guided motorcycle tours and American history. The answer begins with a story...

During a group ride that we had organized with work colleagues we were sitting around a fire pit and someone said how much they appreciated just showing up and riding. They loved the hassle free process of having the routes, hotels and even restaurants all planned for them. They enjoyed learning about the area and taking some of the side tours we had planned. They even suggested we do this for a living.

I love to ride, as do my colleagues, and I really enjoy learning about the area I’m riding through. In addition to being a nut for riding and history, I’m a planner. I like to know where I’m going, what restaurants are available, what local history there is and more. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy throwing a leg over my bike and just rolling for a few hours but on cross country trips over limited vacation time, I must know where I’m going and what I have time to do. Time is precious and I want to make sure I maximize mine.

It’s for those reasons that we started Ride History. To provide a well thought out route, or set of routes, that allow folks the opportunity to just ride and enjoy the scenery. But just riding isn’t enough. Lots of tour companies can escort you from point A to point B. We want to provide a look at American History that makes the ride even more enjoyable. During stops we’ll provide some brief nuggets of knowledge or, if you’re also a history buff, we’ll take the opportunity to learn from you!

If you love to ride and you enjoy learning along the way but don’t enjoy the hassles involved in making a great ride, then we’re the tour for you.