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A balance of great scenic riding and educational stops during our guided motorcycle tours

Thanks for visiting Ride History, home of guided motorcycle tours, based on a variety of American history topics!! We’re a company laser focused on providing guided, hassle free, rolling seminars that combine a passsion for learning with the joy of riding a motorcycle. We can also build custom tours for you or your group

Created by people that have logged hundreds of thousands of miles riding their motorcycles across this great country, Ride History understands what makes a great ride. Route plans that offer great scenery, good road quality and nice amenities are always on a riders list. As we guide you through history we make sure we address those key aspects every great ride requires.

As a group that is passionate about history we know what makes a great learning experience. We want to share the technical aspects of historic events to satisy the need for fact based learning but deliver it in a way that stirs the imagination and puts you in the moment. Our rolling seminars will deliver the historic data from a personal perspective.

Enjoy terrific human interest stories, learn about historic events and places, have all day access to historians throughout the ride and join us for an incredible tour through history!

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